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Good evening.

It's raining~

It's raining~

It's a shame, but this is He Whose Presence Brings Rain, TERU. (゜∀゜)

Lately, we've been passing every day in the studio rehearsing,

And today was an interview day~

The pictures were super-cool so I really want to show everyone soon☆

Well, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's live!!

The way of a natural-born metaller might be difficult for us to grasp since we're visual-kei,

But tomorrow, I want everyone to enjoy us as we overtake the genre!

We're all people, all comrades in loving the same music!

Everyone, let's make pure rock!!

Well, I didn't say that in a very calm way (laugh). I'll do my best tomorrow!!


MASASHI Blog Translation 2011.04.12 Movie


Everyone's working hard in the studio.

And, and!
A movie-related notice↓

It's been decided that Versailles will do their first movie theme song and KAMIJO will be the music director!

It's a first for Versailles to do a theme song, and KAMIJO has been appointed as the music director for the film's music.

Japan's first original vampire movie, "Vampire Stories",
(simultaneous two-part release, "BROTHERS" and "CHASERS", to be released to the public this summer), will have their theme songs from us (titles still undecided)! And KAMIJO will be the music director for both parts!
We'll keep you updated as details become available.

"Vampire Stories" home page →http://vs-movie.com

Since it's our first movie theme song,
I have a really fresh feeling.

Please look forward to it♪

Japan, let's all do our best.


YUKI Blog Translation 2011.04.01 Computer.

Hello. (´∀`)

I'm in the middle of getting back from business meetings and such.

The weather is great, so I feel great☆

It's April now, isn't it.

Whether or not you're a freshman or a new employee, let's all look forward to spending a fun and exciting year! (´∀`)

And while I say that, my notebook failed and it's kind of broken... (^_^;)

I took it to get it repaired, but it's problematic because now I can't use it for things.

I guess I'll have to try being an analog human in the meantime. (・ω・;)

Let's conserve, conserve energy☆


While thinking of refuge and such, I've just been chewing my lip every day, but even if there's just a tiny bit of good news, I feel like I can come alive and I let out a sigh of relief.

Well then, I've read some messages from fans, and it seems like I have a Twitter. (・_・;)

Versailles has one, but I don't personally have a Twitter.

If I ever get one, I'd definitely let you know. (^▽^;)

Really, if there's someone out there doing it, stoooop.

Stop it! ヽ(`Д´)ノ


Translation Commissions

Dear readers,

I've decided to open translation commissions in order to raise money to donate to Japan. I will be offering song, blog, magazine, and audio/video translations on request.

If you're interested in buying and helping out, the outlines and prices are at my personal LJ.

Gasoline, too. Except for those that truly need it for work, the rest of us should use public transport!! Those who don't normally drive, and those that only use it for holiday, please, try to restrain yourself now too. Let's avoid road congestion, too.


Everyone in Tokyo, of course making preparations and arrangements for shelter is important, but don't buy anything except what is absolutely necessary! Those who haven't been hit are hurrying to stock up, but there isn't much in the places that are damage. I've seen it at my neighbourhood supermarket, and it's really very sad.